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The history of BonJo Coffee Roasters began 30 years ago with Joseph Bonaiuto being one of the first who wanted to bring the real Italian espresso to the United States. His passion for coffee since he was a child can be attributed to his grandmother who had been roasting coffee in a small town in the luscious hills of Italy for her family friends and neighbors. His memories of coming out of school and following the trails of the coffee aroma brewing from his grandmother’s house still lingers in his heart which drove his desire to create a unique and unmistakable taste of coffee.

Joseph came to America to start his life and learn the ins and outs of working in a different country. In a short time he used all the resources he learned to start his own business with his wife Maria Bonaiuto where they would be importing coffee from Italy and distributing it here in the states. But this did not succeed their drive and passion. Joseph wanted more, he wanted his "red Ferrari" which isn't the car you are all imagining; to him it was a beautiful red Italian made roaster. BonJo Coffee Roasters itself was founded in 2009 as a aspiration to precisely duplicating an Italian espresso coffee here in the states. The challenges of creating a perfectly roasted coffee with the same flavor, aroma, and consistency were overcame by sourcing the highest quality beans around the world and then roasting in an Italian artisan method.



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